The British artist and designer Debbie Wingham –known worldwide as ‘the queen of the most expensive things in the world’ – creates a wall artistic inspired by Puerto Banús of Marbella worth more than a million euros, a work that will be inauguratedto May 12 and will remain on display during the summer of 2022as reported on Monday by the concessionaire of the nautical site.

A 50 million euro wedding cakea €17 million Muslim abaya cloak, a €11.9 million Christmas tree, €13 million sandals, and now a mural of more than a million eurosall these are creations of the artist and influencer Debbie Wingham.

This latest project in which the creator of the most expensive thing in the world has embarked is based in Puerto Banús, Marbella, one of the most luxurious marinas at international level and that it has mas from 50 toñyou of history

Precisely the nautical world and these five givefalls of history from Puerto Banus they are what has inspired Debbie Wingham to develop this artistic mural, which is already being talked about in different corners of the planet.

And it is that, when you think of luxurious destinations, Puerto Banús always occupies a prominent place in this lista, as it is known throughout the world as the paradise of the jet-set. In this marina are the designer boutiquesommore exclusivethe largest and most expensive yachts, a multitude of supercars, which makes Puerto Banús the perfect destination for this mural.

According to Wingham, the mural not only had to be charming and embody subtle nautical themes that would reaffirm the location of this port, but that it should be something incredible for everyone to visit, something that would appeal to all age groups, genders and nationalities. Something that would make visitors smile and that was more than just a mural, but an experience for people to enter my own Wingham Wonderland.”

The maritime mural of more than one million euros will be inauguratedto May 12 and will remain on display during the summer of 2022and with a forecast of 2 million visitors it will become the summer hot spot in Europe.

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