The Hearing of Malaga he has sentenced to a national police for a crime of embezzlement keep the watch of a man who was arrested at the police station where the officer was serving.

The events occurred in August 2016. As proven, the defendant was in the Estepona police stationspecifically in the custody and security service of the dungeons, and acted “with the intention of obtaining an unfair benefit.”

Thus, he appropriated a watch, property of a man who was at that time arrested for the alleged commission of a crime of abuse in the family. Said object was handed over by the detainee when he entered cells and was placed in a bag that was opened and closed with a key.

A watch of 6,200 euros

The value of said watch has been expertly appraised in the amount of 6,200 euros. Once the owner filed a complaint about the theft of the watch and started a police investigation at the Estepona Police Station, the defendant, realizing this, returned the object to the Police Station itself but in a different place “all with the purpose of avoiding being discovered”.

For these facts, he is sentenced for a crime of embezzlement of public funds to the penalty of one year in jail and disablement special for employment or public office for three years. However, the suspension of the execution of the prison sentence is granted for a period of two years, subject to the fact that he does not commit a crime again.

The judgment it was going to be held by the Jury Law procedure, but the sentence was handed down in accordance between the parties with the proposal presented as definitive conclusions of the prosecution and defense, which was fully accepted by the defendant himself.

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