The Malaga police force has alerted companies and employees of a new modality of virtual and phone scam that is threatening the little ones business.

The victims are usually owners or employees from small establishments and it all starts with receiving a Phone call in which they inform you that they are about to receive a package for the company or a member of the establishment team and the reason for the call is, or the delivery of the package, or the claim of a pending payment.

Scammers have information very specific of the establishments, well obtained during your conversation with the victims, or prowling around the trade previously. The criminal can get the information through the use of social engineering, open sources or malware. In this way, the cyber-criminal achieves convince to the victim of the veracity of the call.

During the conversation between the victim and the scammer there may be parallel calls to the store by tricksters posing as the transport Agency, which together with the use of other data such as that used by the name of employees and bosses, and even their nickname, strengthen the conviction in the victim that everything is true and that they must make the proposed payment to avoid a costly surcharge or ” penalty fee”.

The deception goes away weaving in a personalized way on the victims, managing to generate anxiety and urging you pay urgently to avoid “a greater evil.” Once the victim is convinced, he follows the instructions of the offender and proceeds to carry out a payment in bitcoins at public ATMs.

From the Malaga police station, the agents recommend that, from the position of a possible victim, employers and employees don’t let them earn your trust, that reject any type of payment without prior verification So what confirm the veracity of the call contacting the company in question.

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