The Costa del Sol, specifically the maritime areas of Manilva, Marbella and Estepona, were scenarios of a persecution between one narcolancha and the Civil Guard, the monday night. As reported by Diario Sur, after the exhaustive four hours of follow-up, the intervention ended with four men arrested and 300 kilos of hashish confiscated.

At 8:00 p.m., the Civil Guard received a suspicious vessel trying to enter the shoreline, into the Castle of the Duchess, in Manilva. Immediately, the body of troops started the operation.

The agents successfully intervened the vehicle, thus confiscating nine bales of hashish, which constituted a total of 300 kilos of narcotics. In addition, they managed to arrest one of the narcos, while the three remaining members of the group they managed to flee in the boat, out to sea.

The patrol boat of the Benemérita chased the boat until Guadalmina, in Marbella, where landed again the narcos on the run. Civil guards and national police they arrested another member of the group there, which was reduced by the troops after abandoning the boat and resisting.

The boat set course from Guadalmina towards Estepona, where it was detected hours later. It was in this last scenario that the outcome from the persecution, with the last two arrests as a result.

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