An incident between a member of the group ecologist “Marbella Climate Action” and a plainclothes agent from the Marbella Local Police has ended with injuries to the activist’s neck, a broken megaphone and the crossing of complaints between both parties.

The ecologist was making an appeal to the neighbors in the Las Albarizas neighborhood to summon them to a cleaning day next Sunday; met with the mayor, Ángeles Muñozwho was visiting the civic center, and “took the opportunity to address her”, as explained and prayed in the complaint.

The activist -megaphone in hand- reproached the Marbella councilor for “the abandonment of the neighborhood” and twenty minutes later, in another area of ​​Las Albarizas, an agent approached him who called him and made “a gesture of pounce” on him, “to which he reacts trying to flee thinking that someone wanted to rob him or attack him”, he has detailed in the complaint to which EFE has had access.

The agent “snatches the megaphone from him and throws it on the ground breaking it” -the environmentalist has narrated- and when trying to take a photo of the megaphone to record the damage, the policeman -assures- “he grab by the neck and throws him against the wall again to prevent him from taking photos”, as stated in his complaint.

Municipal sources have explained to Efe that it is a “crossing of complaints in a police action”something that, they say, “happens often” and they confirm that a complaint has been filed against this member of “Marbella Climate Action”.

The reasons, they point out, infringement to regulatory ordinance of citizen coexistence in spaces for public use and for disobedience and resistance to the agents of authority in the exercise of their functions; and a record has been drawn up, likewise, for infraction due to lack of respect and disregard for authority.

At the origin of the incident, the sources linked to the Consistory have indicated, a call for alteration of coexistence in which it was indicated that a person was bugging with a megaphone in the area of ​​Las Albarizas.

According to the municipal version, after the call, plainclothes agents located the individual and when they caught up with him, he pushed one of the agents, refused to identify himself and showed a hostile attitude, for which he was reduced; In addition, in the struggle the megaphone broke, they conclude.

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