The National Police has arrested an ‘influencer’, 27 years old, for allegedly try to end the life of a man of 36, to whom he gave a knife to the throattwo centimeters from the aortic artery, in some events that occurred on May 16, in Estepona.

The victim, who has survived, was urgently intervened in a hospital in Marbella. The judicial authority has decreed the imprisonment of the person investigated for attempted homicide.

The suspect in the attack is a popular ‘influencer’ in Sweden, where He was tried for the death of his girlfriend, found lifeless in the bathtub of a building in strange circumstances. For those events, the young man was imprisoned for two years but, later, the judicial authority ordered his release, as the facts could not be proven.

Now, in Spain, as reported by the National Police, this dangerous subject, as the investigators define him, has been arrested for stabbing a man with whom he was summoned in the parking lot of a hotel in Estepona to deal with an alleged debt.

According to the inquiries carried out by UDEV agents from the Estepona Police Station, the detainee got out of his car with a knife in his hand and went towards the victim, who He tried to flee the place upon sensing his intentions. In this context, the suspect stabbed the victim in the neck and launched a second stab at him, which he was able to stop with his forearm, causing a 20-centimeter wound.

After the attack, the alleged assailant He fled and the victim was treated by an ambulance.The health workers managed to stabilize her by losing a lot of blood and urgently transferring her to the hospital.

For their part, agents of the National Police gathered information on the ground and carried out the opportune visual inspection, which bore fruit with the recovery of the knife used by the investigated, located in the vicinity since he tried to get rid of it by throwing it into a bush.

After the investigative steps, the agents identified the alleged architect of the stabbing, who was taking important security measures to avoid detection and had no known address.

On May 24, the agents located him in a hotel in Mijas where he was arrested, not being his first arrest in Spain. In fact, last year, this same person was arrested for stabbing another, with the broken casing of a bottle, at a party in Marbella.

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