The National Police takes the detainee in the police car.
The National Police takes the detainee in the police car.

The National Police have arrested a 33-year-old prison escapee in Manilva after allegedly threaten to kill your ex-partner and violate a restraining order and prohibition of communication with respect to the victim. The fugitive, who had four legal claims in force for different reasons, would have tried to escape from the Police by traveling 27 kilometers, first on a motorcycle and then on foot through a scrub area, being located in a neighborhood of the town. In addition, the agents have detained a friend of the main being investigated for serious threats to the victim and another male for a crime of resistance and disobedience, when trying to hinder the police intervention.

Threats to a neighbor of Estepona

The initial events took place last week when a neighbor from Estepona informed CIMACC 091 that her former romantic partner had threatened her with death, through a phone call. According to the injured party herself, the aggressor was in the vicinity of her home and demanded the delivery of a car, owned by her family, thus breaking a restraining order and communication in force. Another man with an Eastern European accent, a friend of the main investigator, participated in the threatening calls the victim received.

In relation to the complaint filed by the victim, in a device in which officials from the UDEV-UFAM and the Citizen Attention Group of the Local Police Station of Estepona participated, the agents detected the presence of the victim’s ex-partner in the vicinity of his home. The person allegedly responsible for the events was driving a motorcycle and with him was a foreign man who had participated in the threats.

Thus began a persecution that extended to the neighboring town of Manilva. The patrols managed to block the passage of the motorcycle in San Luis de Sabinillas, initially managing to escape on foot through a scrub area – the second occupant of the vehicle was arrested for an alleged crime of threats.

Seven years in prison pending

Finally, on the terrace of a building in an urbanization in the area and after 27 kilometers of persecution, the Police located the suspect, who remained on the run from a penitentiary in the province of Jaén and who, in addition, had three other legal claims in force – two of them for imprisonment for crimes against public health and a third for a crime of mistreatment in the family. Along with this person, a third person was arrested for a crime of resistance and disobedience to the agents, when trying to hinder the police intervention.

The large-cylinder motorcycle on which two of those arrested were traveling lacked compulsory insurance and there was a seizure order on it.

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