The city of marbellasynonymous with luxury and glamour, adds to its exclusive leisure and restaurant offer a Private club -and almost secret- that is fashionable among the new “jet set”, a very selective establishment in which you can only dine with prior invitation and where mobile phones are prohibited.

It is the last project of the young Mosh Group, Motel Particuliera restaurant specializing in French cuisine that -in the purest style of London and New York venues- from twelve at night is transformed into a private party room with hints of a secret club.

Mix of Parisian restaurant and English clubhas “a very international air” and replicates in this city on the Costa del Sol the most elite clubs in the world, one of those in which to enter it is not enough to have a bank account with many zeros, one of them explained to EFE. its founders, Roberto Santamaría.

Only for clients who give the profile

To enhance that character of exclusivity and that “its essence is not lost”, in this private circle -frequented by the elite that visits Marbella- only those customers who “give the profile” can dinehighlighted Santamaría, who is very satisfied with the success of a different leisure proposal in the city.

By Motel, which bears the name of a hotel establishment without being one and is located in the industrial estate of Marbella Despite being a label restaurant, the “top” clients pass by daily, confesses Santamaría, who points out that “there is always a waiting list”.

With privacy as a flag and a letter with heart attack prices for the customer on foot, once inside It is forbidden to take photos or record any type of video, confirm. The goal is for customers -among whom they have many familiar faces- “to feel safe” knowing that “nobody can record them, not the waiter, not the one at the next table”.

Have fun without shame and without mobiles

This is a plus for many Famous choose this place to dine and have fun “without shame and as you see fit”, he adds, and although he does not want to give any names, everyone comes to mind the Norwegian striker of Borussia Dortmund -today in the sights of Real Madrid- Erling Haaland, a regular in Marbella.

The idea came from a group of friends -today the Mosh Group- who saw clearly that in Marbella “something was missing in the world of the night” and that it was even possible, “if necessary, to internationalize concepts” in terms of nightlife, explained one of its founders. They thought that “setting up an international restaurant that would later include drinks was going to be a sure success,” Santamaría commented, so they “got to work” and that’s how Mosh was born six years ago, the first proposal from a group that – almost without realizing it – has been growing practically to one project per year.

With Paris, London or New York as inspiration

Frequented by a wealthy international elite, its premises – inspired by many very different establishments around the world – have characteristics of restaurants and rooms in Paris, London or New Yorkand they are -in the words of Santamaría- like “a puzzle” with what they like most about each site.

After his first project, he arrived father beach, with music as the protagonist and with which they transferred their vision of leisure and restoration to the beach bar by the sea; then it was Momento, the disco; and after them Motel, the club; Y Nestthe Estepona beach club.

“From minute one people loved” what they did, he says, and “customers bet heavily” on their particular way of understanding and combining leisure and gastronomy in the same concept, points out one of its promoters, in the Marbella’s most exclusive version of the international gastrobar.

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