A retired couple from MexicoLaura Pascual and Salvador Herbella, claim one million euros to the real estate developer Kronos Homeswhich they accuse of having deceived them by “hiding” the presence of a beach club in front of their home in the Malaga town of Estepona.

Pascual and Herbella – 60 and 66 years old, respectively – bought a property in the urbanization The Edge through a Mexican agency that offers real estate developments abroad, including those of Kronos on the Costa del Sol, with the intention of spend much of the year in Spain“calm and resting”, they point out.

In a statement from the Platform of People Affected by Kronos Homes, the marriage has stressed this Tuesday that the acquisition was made on plans and that they were “required payment in advance.”

In addition, they add that, with respect to the damage found in the propertythey have not been offered any after-sales guarantee, despite the claims they have made.

In relation to beach barThey assure that they were told that “it was a family restaurant that only opened in the summer”, so Herbella insists that they feel “completely ripped off” and complains that the festive atmosphere of the place does not allow them to rest and that his life has become “hell”.

The music is heard “as if I were inside the house” and the garbage smell accumulated in the back of the establishment is “unbearable”, to the point that it is “as if there were a landfill twenty meters away”, says Pascual.

“The house was shown in a biased way by video and later a quick face-to-face visit was made in which many things were hidden,” says the statement, which adds that the complainants were not shown “anything about the facilities or the areas common on the route.

The promotion girlfor its part, has indicated to EFE that the entire purchase process was carried out “with maximum transparency” regarding the characteristics of the house, the community areas and its surroundings, and that the owners visited the flat in person in September 2022 before signing the purchase.

The payment of the house and the amounts delivered in writing were made in accordance with Spanish requirements and regulations and, as for the restaurant, they emphasize that is out of the promotion and has been operating since the summer of 2020two years before the marriage visited the promotion.

“We do not know the reason for the statement sent, but we will not accept the disclosure of false facts that threaten our reputation and damage our brand image,” they have concluded from Kronos Homes.

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