The National Police have arrested a 35-year-old man of Italian nationality in Marbella after assaulting, in collaboration with another, allegedly a British citizen in Mijas to rob him a watch valued at 30,000 euros. The victim chased his executioners in his car to the town of Elviria, where the suspects suffered an accident and fell to the ground. The suspect is an alleged member of a criminal network specialized in violent robberies of luxury watches on motorcycles.

One of the assailants was arrested by a patrol hidden behind a car, recovering the watch stolen from the injured party. The second of them managed to escape, but has already been identified.

The police action began at dawn on Monday, August 23, following a robbery in the municipality of Mijas. The victim, a 41-year-old British man, was about to enter his home when a suspect approached him and violently snatched the high-end watch that he wore on his wrist. The intruder fled the scene with his colleague who was waiting for him in the vicinity aboard a motorcycle.

The victim got into his own vehicle and he chased them to a street in Elviria, in Marbella, where the motorcycle driver lost control of it and its two occupants ended up on the ground. Police officers serving in the area at the time saw the wrecked vehicle and located one of its occupants hiding behind a car. After inquiring about what happened, the police detained the suspect and they determined that the person accompanying the arrested person was a compatriot with whom he had already been identified and arrested on other occasions.

Finally, the watch was recovered behind the wheel of the car where one of the assailants was arrested.

On the other hand, the motorcycle used to carry out the assault turned out to be in the name of a third party, a 28 year old Spanish male, who was detained as a necessary cooperator. According to investigators, the young man would know the crimes that were being committed with his vehicle.

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