The National Police arrested last October 5 in Mijas coast at a Serbian fugitive with a European Detention and Surrender Order (EAW) in force when being claimed by the judicial authorities of your country for a drug trafficking crime and he was pending to serve a sentence of four years and six months by final judgment.

Different information pointed to the presence of the fugitive in the province of Malaga, specifically, in the area of Mijas. There, the agents located the fugitive when leaving the sports center where iI would take private boxing classes. After proceeding to their identification, they verified that he had a European arrest and surrender order in force, issued by the Serbian judicial authorities, they have explained from the National Police.

According to the content of the arrest warrant, the fugitive was arrested in his country for a crime of drug trafficking and had been condemned in final judgment upon serving a sentence of four years and six months.

Of these facts the Court of Instruction number 4 of Fuengirola in guard functions that agreed the imprisonment of the detainee to guarantee his extradition to Serbia.

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