The painter Fernando Quirós has presented the solidarity project ‘Always strong’ together with the family of the deceased Pablo Ráez, who died of leukemia in 2017, with the intention of continuing to promote the legacy of the young man in relation to bone marrow donations and social actions as a way of personal and spiritual development of the being human, as reported by the organization on Tuesday.

The project was presented yesterday at Cortijo Miraflores in Marbella, which arises from the need to materialize a creative solidarity impulse of Fernando Quirós and after having met Esther Ráez, Pablo’s older sister, at a charity event organized by the Cudeca Foundation in 2022.

In the words of Rosa Mª Martínez Nieto, mother of Pablo Ráez Martínez, “during his illness, Pablo felt a call to help others, he saw that his message was understood raise awareness about donations and was transfigured”.

“I felt peace informing, communicating and helping. She never accepted money from the many offers she received to sponsor brands and she thought, above all, of young people, how good they could feel if they donated marrow and blood”, she recalled.

The website is open and fully operational from this moment on, where you can buy t-shirts, sweatshirts with and without hoods, windbreakers and cloth bags with the presented logo ‘Always strong and under the motto of Pablo himself: “The sad thing is not to die The sad thing is not knowing how to live”.

He agreement reached between Fernando Quirós and the family of Pablo Ráez Martínez, who was presented yesterday in Marbella, understands several points such as that he is “totally supportive” and that “he will always allocate 100% of the profits to a charitable cause that will be renewed annually.” In addition, “100% of the benefits will be formally delivered in December 2023 to the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer – ANDEX based in Seville, beginning the collection at the present time of this writing.”

On the other hand, “the amounts donated each year to each entity will be published by Fernando Quirós on his social networks and sent to the media”, “the family of Pablo Ráez Martínez has not received, receives or will receive any economic benefit from these actions”, as well as “none of those present involved in the presentation of this project or in its execution it has received, receives or will receive no economic benefit”.

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