A 35-year-old thief died last Sunday at 7:34 a.m. in Marbella when he tried to flee through the roof of the building where he tried to rob, according to what police sources have informed this newspaper.

It happened last Monday, at 7:34 am. A man sneaked into the fifth floor of a block of flats on Avenida Severo Ochoa. He was in the kitchen when he was surprised by the owners of the home, who locked him in this room.

At one point, the residents opened the door and the thief took the opportunity to escape to the roof of the block. Once there, he attempted to climb down some cables. Yes ok, He fell into the void and died on the spotas confirmed by health sources.

Agents from the National Police and the Local Police traveled to the scene, observing that the deceased was still carrying two “large” knives which, apparently, were his and he would not have stolen them from any address. Likewise, the investigators were able to verify that the deceased did not show signs of violence.

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