In the Blas Infante school this year there are 422 students enrolled, of which the nursery and primary school have started today. High school starts on Thursday. As for the teachers, the course begins without casualties and with the reinforcement of covid teachers, who are joined by the monitors hired by the City Council.

At the Los Almendros de Secadero school, a total of 203 students have started the course today, a little less than last year as a sixth grade line missed the course.

Both schools start without restrictions and with a normality long awaited by the entire educational community that allows, for example, the start-up of the Blas Infante Learning Communities.

From the Department of Education of the Casares City Council and the Deputy Mayor’s Office of Secadero, work is carried out in close coordination with the management teams of each school.

In addition to the cleaning and maintenance tasks of the educational centers, the Casares City Council supports school hours with municipal monitors, offering very important services so that families can reconcile their work life with childcare. And in addition, it offers all schoolchildren in the municipality subsidies and services to guarantee true equality of opportunities when it comes to accessing a free public education. As is the case with the textbooks for students in the first Infant Cycle, from 0 to 3 years old, as well as school supplies and uniforms in the Municipal Kindergartens, aid in which the Casares team is a pioneer, as with the changing service for the youngest students, for which the Consistory contributes with support monitors in the two schools in the municipality. Yoga for children returns on the municipal part, next to the bus after the dining room for students from the coast and ESO students also residing on the coast, and the adjoining plot is rented, which allows two different entrances, avoiding crowds.

Other services that will be launched on September 13 in Casares and that are entirely financed by the municipality are the morning classroom, the ludoafternoon and supervision and surveillance of the Educational Center in Afternoon Hours.

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