The congress ‘Space & Underwater Tourism Universal Summit’ (SUTUS), which will be held at the Les Roches Marbella hotel management school from September 28 to 30, will bring together more than 30 companies that will present their projects, including the first hotel projected in space in 2027, As reported by the organization on Tuesday.

In its hybrid format, with a first face-to-face session and two more virtual ones, the space tourism congress has positioned itself as the reference meeting point of the main space agencies in the worlddo, managing to attract last year the American NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) or the Japanese JAXA. They are joined this year by the International Space University (ISU), the Space Tourism Society (STS) and the Swiss Space Tourism Agency (Swiss Space Tourism).

In this year’s edition will participate more than 30 companies, who will attend to report on the progress of their projects as Assembly, the first hotel with accommodations for tourists in space, Space VIP, dedicated to space “literacy” and inspiring the next generation of private astronauts; Axiom Space, which has the objective of create cities in space, and, the Space Tourism Society, “monetizing” the growing range of space experiences—real spaceflight, movies, games, even virtual worlds—are just a few examples.

The event will also feature female faces such as Nancy Vermeulen, private astronaut trainer at the Space Training Academyor Susan Kilrain, retired Astronaut Commander, that will tell his experience beyond planet Earth.

For his part, he still uncharted sea worldwill feature international speakers such as Fabien Cousteau and his International Ocean Station, which is intended to be operational by the year 2026; Aaron Olivera, founder and CEO of Earth 300, a global environmental and scientific project materialized in a futuristic superyacht whose main objective is to combat climate change; or Scott Waters, president of Pisces VI Submarine, who will speak about immersion tourism in the Canary Islands.

The creation of the Spanish Space Agency (AEE) will lead the Spanish presence in the third edition of this pioneering international summit, where Álvaro Giménez Cañete, the special delegate for the organization, will be in charge of present the action plan for the creationwhose headquarters are disputed by a dozen cities such as Seville, Tres Cantos (Madrid), Teruel, León, Puertollano (Ciudad Real) and the Canary Islands, among others.

In addition, renowned speakers will be present at the annual meeting as Carlota Pérez Reverte, underwater archaeologist; Carmen García-Roger or Jorge Pla-García, both aspiring ESA astronauts; Y Spanish companies of world reference in the space race like the Green Moon Project, a project that bets on space agriculture as a good for all humanity; o Zero 2 Infinity, a company that develops high-altitude balloons to provide access to near space and low Earth orbit using a balloon-borne capsule and launcher.

Seeking original and personalized experiences guide the future of luxury tourism towards new destinations that go beyond known borders, reaffirming the consolidation of tourism premium in the world. In fact, luxury tourism in Europe is worth between 130,000 and 170,000 million euros per year22% of the total income of the sector, according to the consulting firm Bain & Company.

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