A vehicle has collided with several cars that were parked on public roads correctly in the Torrenueva de Mijas area, the driver taking flight and later being “administratively denounced for not providing his identity”, as reported this Thursday by the Local Police of the municipality.

The events took place last weekendwhen the municipal security body received “a call at the operational base warning of the production of a traffic accident in the Torrenueva area”, as pointed out on the social network Facebook.

According to the story of the Local Police, supposedly “a vehicle collided with several vehicles properly parked on public roads, the responsible driver fleeing of the same”.

Thus, “Intervention Unit Agents (Charlie)” of the Mijas Local Police were commissioned to the scene of the events, which after several investigations carried out in the area “managed to locate the vehicle and identify the driver who caused the accident”.

The driver has beenadministratively denounced for not providing his identity being involved in a traffic accident.

Lastly, the acting agents “carried out steps to locate the owners of the damaged vehiclesindicating the claim procedure to follow through their insurance companies”, according to the Local Police on the social network.

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