The National Police arrested a hospital employee last Tuesday in Marbella of the town for its alleged responsibility in a dozen thefts to patients and colleagues of work.

Money in cash, jewelry and even designer clothes are among the items reported as stolen. Most of the criminal actions took place in areas with restricted access such as the operating room, observation room, workers’ locker rooms, and rooms for hospitalized patients.

The researchcarried out by agents attached to the Theft Group of the Marbella Police Station, began in the month of June 2021 based on the testimony of a patient’s relative admitted, who reported the theft of a wallet with 700 euros after leaving the room for a moment.

From the initial fact and until recent dates, the investigators followed receiving reports of thefts in the hospitalup to a total of 12, although the number of cases could be even higher.

Among others, the complaint of the widow of a patient who died in hospital, The woman did not know what could have happened with a gold bracelet with which her husband arrived at the medical center. Other cases referred to the theft of money, wallets or clothing in the workers’ locker rooms -including the women’s-.

Most of the victims were hospital patients, who, once admitted, were released by protocol from jewelry, cash and other valuables, their belongings being deposited in plastic bags that accompanied the patient at all times. moment. In this sense, according to police investigations, the suspect took advantage of patient transfers to different dependencies to subtract their effects.

The researchers have also been able to verify that the thefts coincided with the shifts in which the suspect worked at the hospital. Likewise, a series of suspicious sales have been confirmed in gold trading establishments in Malaga, where the worker would have detached, on seven occasions, jewels with various inscriptions, some of them appearing in the names of foreigners who could have been victims. of the thefts, without filing a complaint at least until now.

Finally, the agents arrested a 38-year-old hospital worker for his alleged involvement in the events. The suspect had been linked to the center in question for a year approximately. The investigation continues for the total clarification of the facts, not ruling out other criminal acts in other locations, as the agents confirmed that the arrested person had worked in other hospitals in the province.

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