A worker has died this Thursday in the municipality Marbella after an object fell on his head while working on a construction site, as reported by the 112 Andalusia Emergency Service, a service attached to the Ministry of the Presidency, Interior, Social Dialogue and Administrative Simplification of the Board.

The events occurred at 1:30 p.m. in a construction site located on Avenida de los Acebos, in the Artola area, when a co-worker of the victim alerted the 112 telephone number that an object had fallen on his head to the operator and was left unconscious.

The coordination center has given notice to members of the National Police, Local Police and the 061 Health Emergency Center, who have traveled to the place, simply confirming his death, since they could not do anything to save life of this worker.

Likewise, 112 has alerted the Labor Inspectorate and the Occupational Risk Prevention Center of the death, while The judicial protocol has been activated to clarify the circumstances of the event.

Second fatality on a construction site in less than two weeks

Less than two weeks ago another worker died also in the Artola area, in Marbella, and on the same stage: a play. Although, in this case, the victim suffered a drop.

A witness alerted the 112 room that a man working on a construction site had suffered an accident. Immediately, the emergency services were activated: National Police, 061 toilets and the Local Police of Marbella. Police sources confirmed the death of the 53-year-old man at the scene. Likewise, the coordinating center provided information on what happened to Work inspection and the Occupational Risk Prevention Center.

Work accidents: 17 deaths in Malaga this year

The work accidents caused 17 deaths in the province of Malaga in the first seven months of the year, seven more, almost double, than occurred last year during the same period, according to data updated by the Junta de Andalucía.

Of these fatal accidents, eleven were during the work day, three more than in the same period last year; while six were traveling to work, the so-called “in itinere”, four more than in 2021 from January to July.

By sectors, the greatest increase in deaths has been registered in the agricultural sector, with four deaths, followed by industry, with three, and construction, with another three. In total, in the first seven months of 2022, 12,102 accidents were recorded in Malaga, which represents a increase of 19.24%. Of this total, 10,116 have occurred during the working day and 1,986 “in itinere”. Regarding the severity of the injuries, 11,942 were minor, 143 serious and 17 fatal.

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