A 21-year-old has been arrested in Estepona for supposedly steal almost 6,000 meters of public lighting wiring of the locality. In total, the arrested person is considered responsible for four crimes of theft. The stolen material, about 5,700 meters, is owned by the City Council and has an approximate value of 16,000 euros.

The investigations carried out by agents of the UDEV Heritage Group and the Estepona Local Police allowed the identification of this person, who was arrested when she was about to sell part of the material in a scrap metal trading establishment, as reported on Monday by the National Police in a statement.

The events occurred last April when Estepona Local Police officers identified a man suspected of stealing copper wiring for later sale. Without being able to fully determine his involvement in the crime, they managed to recover several copper scrolls that were ready for their robbery.

When the National Police was informed, and given the suspicion of the municipal agents, the UDEV-Patrimonio group began an investigation in collaboration with them. The first inquiries focused on the investigation of the establishments of sale and Scrap of the town, revealing that the suspect had already carried out numerous copper sales transactions.

Therefore, both bodies had a device to locate the investigated, which was located when he was going to a scrap metal establishment to make a new sale, finally allowing his arrest.

The arrested person, who is charged four crimes of theft wiring for public lighting, was placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court 5 of Estepona. From the National Police they have indicated that this type of crime creates serious damage, both economic and social, due to the damage and inconvenience they pose to the population.

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