About 30,000 people will visit this Wednesday the Static cavalcades of the Three Wise Men of Marbella and San Pedro, which this year have the installation of 13 and 7 floats respectively, in addition to dances and animations for the enjoyment of the public who have approached Ricardo Soriano Avenue and Sampedreño Boulevard to greet their Majesties of the East, as highlighted by the Mayor of the city, Ángeles Muñoz.

The appointment is developing normally, without registering crowds, with a fluid circulation among visitors and with civility, as well as has a security device made up of 200 members of the Local Police, National Police, Civil Protection, Firefighters and private security.

The static parades have begun their activity at 11:00 am and will remain open until 8:00 pm, where the little ones are coming to greet Melchior Caspar and Balthazar in their floats, in addition to spotting animations of UFOs, animals or fantasy elements.

At a sound level, the event is characterized by Christmas carols and flamenco, the latter seasoned with dance compositions from numerous participating academies, and some electronic music.

The audience reception could be expanded “In the event that there are still children and we will expand -the schedule- because the idea is that they can see their Majesties,” the mayor pointed out, hoping that after delivering the letters to the Magi the minors of the city have “a day of great illusion that it comes true “.

“I hope that you not only accompany the day, with those 200 people from the security system around the Parade, and that be a different event, but above all safe”, Has remarked Muñoz, who has asked the Kings of the East“ health for all, but also that 2022 be the year of recovery, momentum and opportunities ”.

The The Three Wise Men Parade of Marbella has 13 floats, of which many “have been chosen in the public contest that we have launched and some are rafts that have been manufactured depending on the theme that the academies have wanted to carry out”, in addition to “many motifs for animation such as horses, animals or UFOs” , has pointed out the general director of Fiestas, Yolanda Martín.

Among the themes of the floats, he has highlighted Chipi’s “traditional Bethlehem”, which every year has been installed in the Alameda Park, while showing his “great satisfaction” and that of his colleagues for the development of the event. “The best joy is to see the faces of the children and parents, because this is an event for the whole family, and that is the reward that we get,” he added.

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