A team of 60 agents of the Local Police will be in charge of the control and security of the educational centers of Marbella. The Councilor for Citizen Security, Jose Eduardo Diaz, has indicated that the operation will monitor the inputs and outputs of all schools, whether public, private or concerted. The mayor has highlighted the “extraordinary coordination” existing with the educational community, and added that this plan is “a priority” for the Local Police.

«We are before a unprecedented deployment, further increased by the situation generated by the pandemic since the inputs and outputs are carried out in a staggered and we also find new access areas, which further complicates the operation, “said the municipal delegate, who thanked the educational community for their” patience “and asked” an effort so that arrivals and departures are made with forecast and time, mainly due to the issue of parking and avoid crowds and traffic jams«. Díaz has detailed that the device starts at 7.45 am and ends at the close of school hours.

In addition to this daily operation, the Citizen Security Delegation also assumes control of the absenteeism through the Family Unit, or the work of prevention against drugs or bottles, through talks by specialized agents of the body, who last year conducted more than 175 shares, mainly in Secondary and Baccalaureate centers.

Also the Canine unit visits schools routinely to showcase techniques drug detection and “carry out pedagogical work with young people,” said Díaz.

Only in San Pedro Alcantara There are eight centers (five Infant and Primary schools and three institutes), which also fall under this plan. The Deputy Mayor of San Pedro, Javier Garcia, assured that also from the Mayor’s Office there is a «direct communication»With the directors, so that any incident is quickly communicated to the Local Police.

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