The public company in charge of water management on the Costa del Sol, Acosol, began the San Pedro sanitation pipe repair work, where part of the material necessary for its repair was received after 300 meters of the infrastructure were dragged by the sea due to the storm last Saturday, as reported on Monday by the CEO, Carlos Cañavate.

This was pointed out by the regional representative in a visit he made to the affected area, where he was accompanied by representatives of Hidralia and the Marbella City Council such as the executive CEO of Acosol, Manuel Cardeña, the manager of Hidralia on the Costa del Sol, Fulgencio Díaz or the director of the Infrastructure and Projects Area, Melchor Conde.

For Carlos Cañavate, general CEO of Acosol, “since last Saturday we have been holding meetings with Hidralia and the rest of the administrations to carry out coordinated actions that allow us execute a provisional bypass, which avoids discharges both in the municipal network and in the integral sanitation, and thanks to the speed and prompt action that we have had in the face of this storm and the damage caused, the necessary materials have begun to arrive today to begin with the necessary maneuvers for this provisional action ”.

In addition, the CEO of Acosol stressed that “it is also necessary to adaptation of existing pumping in the Las Petunias area for the diversion of wastewater to the bypass, while Hidralia in turn will carry out another bypass to lead its wastewater to our pumping ”, he pointed out.

For his part, the manager of Hidralia on the Costa del Sol, Fulgencio Díaz, pointed out that “we are going to implement a solution, waiting for the complete repair of the network in discharge, to be able to connect all the connections affected by the storm in San Pedro de Alcántara and restore the service as soon as possible ”. In this way, he indicated that “we will move the connections to the provisional main collector that Acosol will commit and we will install a new pumping station.”

The manager wanted to emphasize that thanks to the joint work of both operators, Hidralia and Acosol, a action plan that will respond to the areas of Marbella affected by the storm for the proper functioning of damaged infrastructures. The executive delegate of Acosol, Manuel Cardeña, stressed that “from the beginning we have reacted quickly and efficiently, on the same Saturday the order of the pipes and the rest of the necessary materials, which have arrived from Alicante, were already made.

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