acosolthe public water company dependent on the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol, celebrates the world water day with different actions such as carrying out awareness campaigns and the participation and organization of conferences in which the value of water and the current situation of water scarcity are highlighted, as highlighted on Tuesday by the CEO, Carlos Cañavate.

Thus, he pointed out that the European LIFE Matrix project is closely linked to this issue, in which Acosol participates and collaborates, and which aims to increase by 15% the available groundwater resources and reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 99%.

In this way, Cañavate has stressed that Acosol is participating throughout the month of March in different events related to the WaterThus, last week he attended as a speaker a discussion table organized by Hidralia in which different mayors of the region participated and where the priorities that the Costa del Sol must address in terms of hydraulic planning and management.

In addition, as partners of the Association of Water Supply and Sanitation of Andalusia (ASA), the public company collaborates in the organization of a ‘drought table’ to address this problem and in which there will be institutional representation and representation from different public water service companies, also hosting the Governing Council and the Executive Committee of ASA Andalucía.

For Carlos Cañavate “every March 22 We celebrate this day extolling the importance of water, and on this occasion the underground located below the surface and stored in aquifers, a resource that, although invisible, supports the supply of drinking water”.

“For us, like managers of the integral water cycle planning is essential, increasingly necessary to deal with the periods of drought that are becoming more frequent, as is currently the case; that is why we maintain a fluid relationship with other administrations, associations and companies in the sector”, he stressed.

He also recalled that “acosol participates in the Life Matrix Initiative, a managed aquifer recharge project with reclaimed water, a system to combat water stress on the Western Costa del Sol and which will demonstrate its solution in the region, more specifically in our La Víbora Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Marbella”.

For his part, the Executive CEO of Acosol, Manuel Cardeñahas stated that “in the face of the damage we are experiencing due to the climate crisis, we are launching several awareness campaigns, specifically the one that refers to the drought and whose motto is “A drop counts more than ever”.

In addition, on this occasion several creativities have been carried out within the same campaign with different messages for the citizens, also counting on spots and radio spots to give the widest possible diffusion to these messages”.

Likewise, he stressed that “today we have made a radio program from the Acosol headquarters where the main objective has been to commemorate the world water dayhighlighting its importance and claiming adequate and effective management of an increasingly scarce resource”.

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