The public water company dependent on the Association of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol, Acosol, has defended this Friday on the second day of the summer course organized by the General Foundation of the University of Malaga (FGUMA) in Marbella, the circular economy in the use and management of wateras well as highlighted the need to invest in hydraulic infrastructure, as highlighted by the general delegate, Carlos Cañavate.

This has been pointed out by the regional representative in the framework of the seminar ‘The circular economy in the use and management of water’, where has participated in the round table ‘Public policies and water management’, together with other representatives of different institutions, companies and UMA professors.

Cañavate has highlighted today during the celebration of this day that “it is of vit is important to talk about circular economy to propose a new water reuse and optimization model, whose objective is efficiency, especially at this time when climate change has led us to a context of scarcity, so this course has served as a learning tool on sustainability and the circular economy in the water sector. ”.

In addition, during his participation he highlighted the co-governance and joint work between administrations is essential, the public and private sectors to achieve efficient management in which all the agents involved must row in favor and that we must bet on water and its value; for this it is essential to invest in policies that carry out investments in hydraulic infrastructures, both new construction and improvement of some of the existing ones”.

In the same way, he thanked FGUMA for the great work it has done to create first-class educational sessions and recalled that “it is essential to continue collaborating and working on this type of action to value water and create this type of forums thanks to the collaboration between UMA, FGUMA and Acosol”

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