The public water company dependent on the Association of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol, Acosol, as partners and collaborators of the Association of Water Supply and Sanitation of Andalusia (ASA Andalusia), will host this Thursday a conference on governance in public water serviceswhich will take place at the La Cabane club of the Los Monteros hotel in Marbella.

The event is part of the framework of the sector meetings for water sustainability that the Andalusian association organizes, with a conference called “New challenges and opportunities in the governance of public water services”, in which they will participate responsible for the Junta de AndalucíaASA Andalucía, ACOSOL and the system of the Mediterranean basin and the Costa del Sol such as EMASA, ARCGISA and AXARAGUA.

In the words of the CEO of Acosol, Carlos Cañavate, “this is a opportunity to analyze and debate with the agents involved in hydrological planning and in the need for collaboration among all to carry out a efficient water resource managementsince despite the rains that have occurred in recent weeks, droughts will be recurrent and therefore we must put on the table the needs of our sector to plan both in the short, medium and long term”.

Cañavate wanted to highlight “andl thanks to ASA Andalucía for choosing Acosol as host of this day, which will allow us to advance towards feasible solutions that add value to water and that they prioritize investments in new infrastructures and in the maintenance and modernization of those that currently exist”.

For his part, Manuel Cardeña, executive CEO of Acosol, stated that “we have the will of all institutions and companies in the sector to work on this problem that is common, and we must also collaborate in the search and promotion of alternatives such as the use of reclaimed water, since we cannot hide behind the weather, which is increasingly extreme and with periods of low rainfall or torrential rains due to climate change”.

From ASA Andalucía, the president of the association that represents the Andalusian water sector, Pedro Rodríguez, recalled that the current situation of water resources places us before a challenge of management, governance and good use and care of water by everyone, both to the Public Administrations, as well as to the supplying entities and the citizenry in general”.

“We face a structural water deficit for years that with the latest rainfall can be seen relieved, but not corrected or resolved”. For this reason, “we must maintain the same level of commitment and co-responsibilitybecause caring for water is caring for ourselves, our health and our environment, in the present and for future generations”, added Rodríguez.

The president of ASA has highlighted the importance of developing a medium and long-term strategy based both on the creation of new infrastructures and modernization of existing onesas in the digitization and planned management of the water cycle, and of course the maximum citizen awareness.

The Andalusian association promotes permanent awareness campaigns for efficient and responsible use of water by everyone, around the general motto “Together We Take Care of Water”. Now, in the month of March, coinciding with World Water Day, ASA launches in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Junta de Andalucía a new action under the campaign “You are water. take care, take care of her” to continue promoting the good use and care of this asset that is as essential as it is finitewhose sustainability is now more important and relevant than ever, which can be consulted at the link

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