The public company Acosol SA continues to repair breakdowns in the comprehensive sanitation network, this time in the area of ​​El Pirata, in Estepona.

East jam, produced in recent days, comes as a result of the storms at the end of last year and the subsequent increase in flow in the pipes, they have indicated in a statement.

“The precariousness of the network, together with the lack of access to the collector, has meant that, for three days, the operating and technical personnel of Acosol have worked incessantly until giving way to water,” they highlighted, while explaining that the amount of sand and stones that invaded the pipes, added to the wipes that keep being flushed down the toilet, has caused the plug that is the reason for this failure.

They are currently working to remove as much aggregate from the collectors and prevent this situation from occurring again. Operational services have worked quickly in this complicated situation, given the difficulty of access and the situation of the wells, located in the sea and subjected to the tide and the waves.

Finally, from Acosol they have recalled the importance of not throwing wipes or other waste into the toilet, since more than 500 kilos of cap made of these materials.

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