The public water company Acosol, dependent on the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol, has begun work on the first phase of the project that will provide general supply infrastructures to the southern sectors of Ojén and northeast of Marbellawhich will allow guarantee the water supply in this enclave, as reported on Tuesday by the CEO, Carlos Cañavate.

This has been highlighted in a visit he has made to the works, where he has been accompanied by the Mayor of Ojen, Jose Antonio Gomez; the executive CEO of Acosol, Manuel Cardeña; the director of development of Palo Alto, Matías Villarroel; and representatives of the builder Sanchez Dominguez (Sando, SA) The successful bidder and the company CAI Engineering Solutions, which is in charge of the construction management, among other members of the Association such as Juan Merino, delegate for the Environment and Clean Points.

The works were divided into two phasesbeginning the actions with the second of them in 2019, allowing both actions to supply in the future from the main supply lines from the Western Costa del Sol to the entire growth of the urban area, and which have consisted of connecting the Arroyo Calero regulating reservoir with the Castillo reservoir.

The mayor of Ojén has stated that to the second phase of these works “this first phase is now added, which aims to solve the supply of the South Sectors of Ojén and North of Marbella from the regulating tank number 1 of the water supply to the Western Costa del Sol”, where he highlighted that starting from it “the general supply infrastructures are defined, consisting of two pumping stations and their discharge sections”.

For Carlos Cañavate “this special supply infrastructure plan to the southern sectors of Ojén and northern Marbella is of vital importance, since before the development of certain sectors of the PGOU from both municipalities arises the need to provide them with the corresponding service infrastructures, within which is drinking water”.

As detailed, the works they have visited today, whose budget award is 3,454,357.54 euros of which the promoter Palo Alto will pay 2.5 million and Acosol the rest, are part of an action that highlights the importance of this type of infrastructure for the improvement in the supply service for citizens and visitors of the Costa del Sol.

In addition, Cañavate has added that “on the other hand, Acosol plans to develop the necessary investments that allow the water supply from the conductions pmain to some municipalities of the Mancomunidad such as Ojén, Istán or Benahavís, this project being a key piece for guarantee the supply to the municipal area of Ojén with resources from the general supply system to the Costa del Sol, as an alternative to its own resources from which the municipality is currently supplied”.

For his part, Matías Villaroel stressed that “we are very pleased to be able to contribute to making a Priority improvement for Ojén, such as its connection to the general water circuit (Network of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol), which will ensure supply to all residents. At Palo Alto we are committed to the development of the area and the well-being of those of us who live in it”, he added.

Regarding the new infrastructure, he assessed that “guarantee the availability of waterwill promote municipal services and will also allow launch our next phases in the area”.

The projected works are divided into five differentiated blocks, the first of which the “rehabilitation in the Potable Water Pumping Station (EBAP) of the regulating tank number 1 (Las Albarizas)”, the second the “impulsion” from it to the intermediate EBAP and the third the “electricity supply to EBAP from the Endesa electrical substation”, they have indicated from Acosol. This will be followed by the “new intermediate Potable Water Pumping Station” and the “impulsion” from it “to the AU-6 Regulatory Tank in the municipality of Marbella”.

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