A commemorative act in honor of the patron saint of the Local Police, San Miguel, in which the agents have been honored with the delivery of a mention by the City Council, in gratitude for the actions they have carried out during this time, especially during the pandemic.

From the Casares City Council, the commitment to increase the human resources and the technical and economic resources of the Local Headquarters has been made clear in order to continue dealing with what the population increase in the municipality implies.

The mayor, Pepe Carrasco, thanked the Casares police officers for their willingness and kindness. And he has pointed out the effort made by the municipal police in times of uncertainty.

The deputy mayor Juan Luis Villalón, Citizen Security delegate, has highlighted the work carried out by the local agents of Casares during the pandemic, “when they made themselves available to the public, beyond their functions, to bring them closer to the administration and serve to all your needs. An absolute dedication, carried out with great humanity” that they have continued to maintain, in reference to “the great organizational and street work that the agents have carried out this summer so that all the celebrations that have been recovered have been able to develop with total normality. ”

Retired agents have also been present at the celebration. As the head of the Local Police, Ismael Arroyo, has pointed out, it is about enjoying a day of coexistence, thanking the work carried out by colleagues and recognizing the work carried out by those who have retired, who have left a great legacy in the leadership.

For their part, the agents took the opportunity to thank the commitment of the Casares City Council and the Department of Citizen Security and, in particular, the work of Ismael Arroyo, as head of the staff.

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