Asia Argento, Italian actress and director, who has conquered the hearts of moviegoers in feature films such as ‘Triple X’ (Rich Wilkes), ‘Marie Antoinette’ (Sofia Coppola) or ‘The Land of the Living Dead’ (George A. Romero) , will visit Estepona and Málaga Capital to obtain the Unicorn Award during the International Fantastic Film Week of the Costa del Sol, Come in September 5 and 11.

In addition to attending the Esteponero film festival, the interpreter, daughter of the acclaimed horror director Dario Argento, will present the September 12 its autobiographical book, ‘Anatomy of a wild heart’, presentation that will take place at the Russian museum from Malaga Capital. It should be noted that these reports will be released in Spanish by the Malaga publisher Applehead Team. The entrance to this event will be free with invitation.

Asia Argento has been characterized by intensity of their performances and for their controversial encounters with other figures of Hollywood cinema. Following the alleged sexual abuse suffered by the mega producer Harvey Weinstein When she was 21 years old during the Cannes Film Festival and other turbulent events that have haunted the artist over the last few years, Argento decides land on the Costa del Sol and trust the Malaga territory to present its more personal project and to be awarded for his work on the big screen.

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