The Association of Hotel Entrepreneurs of the Costa del Sol (Aehcos) considers that the prelude to the low season is the perfect time to go decisively tackling recurring problems which the province of Malaga has to face every year and which reduces its competitiveness with respect to other tourist destinations.

One of the great and most urgent problems to solve is how decongest traffic which is concentrated every summer on the Malaga coast, specifically, on the N-340. “Even this summer, when there has been an influx of tourists less than 2019 due to Covid, we have observed mmany retention and accessibility issues”, Indicates the president José Luque, president of the association.

The execution of the littora trainEven the study of other solutions in the short term, according to the group, should rise as the Government’s star projects, also taking into account that the European Funds could give that much-needed boost for their construction. This line not only it would avoid the saturation of the N-340, but would allow the permeability of accesses along the coast to workers and their movements in the different municipalities. It is another of the problems detected: the difficulty finding human resources, since the rent increase of tourist homes has caused the difficulty finding a rental long-term accessible and, as a consequence, the distance between residence and workplaces has greatly increased.

Another of the problems detected from Aehcos that have to be solved now in low season is the completion of the remaining sections of the coastal path, which will enable the transit from Manilva to Nerja across the entire coast. From the association they believe that it would help attract a type of tourist with a segmented motivation towards tactive urism and hiking beyond the sun and the beach and with a great seasonally adjusted impact.

Another issue they would like to see resolved is offer leisure and entertainment facilities, so that in this way the wide range of attractive services that the province of Malaga already offers is completed.

From Aehcos they believe that all these issues to be resolved are resources that further enhance the attractiveness of the destination together with the generation of wealth and employment in other sectors, as well as the quality of life of the people of Malaga.

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