Aguas de Benahavís, the company that manages the integral water cycle in this municipality on the Costa del Sol, is carrying out various actions with the aim of promoting the digital transformation of the service and its modernization.

In this sense, the installation of remote control in the drinking water pumps and tanks in the La Alborada Urbanization stands out mainly. This work consists of equipping the two drinking water tanks and the two existing pumping stations in the urbanization with the elements necessary for their operation and remote control. In this way, control and security are maximized both in the guarantee of supply and in the quality of the water supplied, integrating the stations into the existing control center to monitor the parameters and alerts that may arise.

To modernize the municipality’s drinking water network, the company is also installing a 300 mm diameter pipeline on the new variant of the Benahavís highway, with an approximate length of 1,300 meters, which will improve the supply to the town urban. This new infrastructure will also be used to provide hydrants in the area so that these can be used in the event of a fire.

In addition, it has carried out the connection by means of a 160 mm diameter potable water pipeline from the Real de La Quinta urbanization with the Vega del Jaque urbanization to improve the supply of drinking water in the latter in times of high demand.

To these actions, we must add two others of greater depth that complement all those developed in 2021: the construction of the new deposit for the municipality and the works for the elimination of the EBAR of the La Alborada urbanization and expansion of the sewerage network of La Quinta Urbanization.

Thanks to the first, the new tank more than doubles the drinking water storage capacity for this area of ​​the city, going from 550 m3 at 1,500 m3. In this way, Aguas de Benahavís, extends the guarantee of supply to the entire urban area in times of maximum demand, covering both the current and future needs of the inhabitants of the urban nucleus of the city.

Regarding the second, there was a sewage pumping station in the La Alborada urbanization, the purpose of which was to raise the water from a low point of the urbanization for its evacuation. Due to the urban growth of the area, it was proposed that, instead of expanding the existing station, whose operation was already limited and with the odor problems associated with this type of infrastructure, it be connected by gravity through the La Quinta Urbanization, This has led to a significant improvement in the sewerage network in the area, which had sealing problems and lack of capacity, as well as overflows in episodes of rain in the area.

All these actions involve an investment of close to 1.5 million euros and will benefit around 7,800 residents of the municipality, including all those in the urban area.

Bet on green energy and carbon neutrality

Another of the improvements carried out by Aguas de Benahavís has consisted in the installation of four 270W solar panels with batteries for self-consumption in the distribution tank of the Flamingos Urbanization. This measure will mean significant energy savings for this facility, demonstrating the company’s commitment to the municipality and its natural environment.

Not in vain, Aguas de Benahavís has managed to achieve, together with Hidralia, its private partner, carbon neutrality. A milestone that has been made possible thanks to years of work in reducing its CO emissions to the maximum2 and to participate in compensation projects of those that it is impossible to reduce. In this way, the company reaffirms itself as a benchmark in the fight against climate change and continues its firm commitment to the circular economy and energy self-sufficiency.

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