The evolution of the Sierra Bermeja fire continues to be unfavorable, and the number of evacuees now stands at 940 persons. Preventive evictions have been carried out in Forest Hills, Las Abejeras, Selwo, Charca de las Extranjeras and Huerta Padrón (Estepona), as well as in the Montemayor de Benahavís urbanization. The wildlife theme park has been evacuated and temporarily closed.

The efforts of INFOCA and the rest of the troops focus on the left flank, to try that the flames, fanned by the strong west wind, do not overcome the firebreak that protects a important forest mass in Benahavís.

The fire, which started last night in two outbreaks located in Genalguacil and Jubrique and that may have been provoked, currently has some 200 ground troops, supported by 9 heavy vehicles and 26 aircraft. The difficult orography of the terrain and above all, the strong west winds, are making it difficult to extinguish.

On Estepona and Benahavís, the municipalities have enabled the Carmen sports center and the City Hall assembly hall respectively, as temporary reception points for the evicted, although most are not using them.

According to the last count, the perimeter of the fire exceeds 2,160 hectares, most of them wooded in an area of ​​high environmental value. Roads are still closed to traffic MA-8301 (Estepona) and MA-8302 (Jubrique). The AP-7, which this afternoon was again cut in the Cádiz direction, has been reopened. Estepona is the most affected municipality, with 800 hectares of their territory ravaged by fire.

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