At the time of writing this information, a total of 1,286 people had already signed a petition online to request the hunting season ban in Sierra Bermeja, which was to start in October. The application, uploaded to the platform, is addressed to the Junta de Andalucía, and signed by numerous citizens, many of them foreigners residing on the Costa del Sol.

The promoters of the initiative consider that “allowing the hunting season in October, a few weeks after the tragedy, to search, kill and demolish those poor animals that have survived, is unimaginable damage and inhuman behavior.” In addition, they believe that the ban will help preserve the fauna of the area.

This same week, also the collective Ecologists in Action-Sierra Bermeja ruled in this regard, requesting the authorities to “comprehensive control and surveillance»From the environment affected by the fire to ensure that it is not hunting.

According to this organization, the environmental law expressly prohibits hunting in disaster-affected areas, considering as such “situations or events that substantially alter or interrupt the functioning of a community or society by causing a large number of victims, damages and material impacts, whose attention exceeds the available means of the community itself.”

The law also prohibits hunting in the so-called «days of fortune“Those in which” as a result of fires, epizootics, floods, droughts or other causes, animals are deprived of their normal defense powers or forced to concentrate in certain places, “recalls Ecologists in Action-Sierra Bermeja.

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