A alleged repeat offender He has been arrested by the Mijas Local Police after trying to flee while a patrol was chasing him. The victim had called for help. after being allegedly assaulted by her partner. The agents, when they arrived at the house, found that it had several trauma to various parts of the body and it was “completely scared” according to police sources. The woman had denounced him days before.

The events occurred on January 11. A call to the 091 Room asking for help in the Las Lagunas area mobilized police officers belonging to the Local Police’s Intervention Unit (Charlie), who went to the house and three suspects were observed at the door. One of them, noticing the police presence, began to run, which caused a chase with the patrol vehicle and, later, on foot. The troops were able to intercept the escapee in a nearby area, where he was identified. After reading him his rights, he was arrested as the alleged author of a crime of gender violence.

Another unit of the aforementioned police force entered the building where the victim was. She was, according to the same police sources consulted, very scared and “with injuries of various kinds.” The victim was transferred to a health center for a medical assessment and, later, the agents transferred her to a police station to present a Complaint against your partner.

It was not the first violent episode that, supposedly, the alleged aggressor had starred in. At the beginning of January, a few days before, had already been denounced by his partner for another case related to sexist violence, although later, the sources point out, he withdrew it.

A few months ago, the Mijas Local Police also arrested a man as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of gender violence after locating his partner, allegedly held against her will inside a motorhome. A patrol had observed that in a non-passable area of ​​the Sierra de Mijas a vehicle was parked that could have been involved in an accident. When approaching to help the possible injured, the agents verified that the owner had traces of blood and, inside the vehicle, they located a woman, according to municipal sources at the time.

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