The last saturday night, September 4, during the early morning, a town from the residential area New Andalusia, on Marbella, hosted a illegal party in which there was a alleged stabbing.

The chalet, which is located on the outskirts of the Aloha Urbanization and that belongs to a Madrid promoter owning more large villas rented in the area, harbored a fatal assault, leaving a wounded by knife, whose status is still unknown.

According to various sources, the attacker could have been a member of the biker club known as ‘The Angels of Hell’, who usually frequent nightlife of the Marbella town, generating violent clashes with clients and nightclub doormen.

It is not the first time that the residential area of ​​Nueva Andalucía receives illegal parties. Not long ago the controversial party took place ‘Hello Saturday’, also in one of these villas, where more than 40 influencers they danced and drank without respecting sanitary regulations for several days. This is just one of the many cases that are repeated today in the residences of the town.

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