The National Police arrested an alleged assailant in the early hours of this past Wednesday in Marbella after being surprised and detained by the residents of a house. The arrested man, 22 years old and of Colombian origin, would have broken into the building by forcing a window – while its inhabitants were sleeping. The breaking of glass in the middle of the night woke up the occupants of the house, a German couple and some guests, who found the intruder in the living room.

The events took place this past September 15, at around 01:20, in an urbanization of Marbella. CIMACC 091 received a notice after the activation of an alarm in a house in the town.

A patrol was commissioned to the place, checking that the house light was on. Once the security measures were extreme, the Police entered the house and identified the parties involved, among which were the residents of the house, a couple of German origin and some friends, who were holding a person in the living room foreign to the property.

In the scuffle between the alleged assailant and the inhabitants of the property, one of the latter – specifically a guest of those responsible for the house – punched him in the eyebrow, causing him a bleeding wound.

According to the investigations, the suspect would have forced the closing of a window to access the property. Outside they located a bicycle with which the detainee, supposedly, would have moved to the place.

Finally, National Police agents arrested the suspect for his alleged involvement in a robbery that was frustrated. The facts have been reported to the competent judicial authority.

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