The firemen have rescued a 23 year old who was injured after suffering a fall in a Marbella ravine. The event took place last Monday, June 19, in the Las Angosturas area, as specified this Wednesday in a press release.

The victim, from Gibraltar, had gone up with a group of friends through the area of ​​the dam to carry out the descent of the Benahavís riverwithout the proper equipment or footwear, and had an accident trying to go down a section with a lot of verdigris that was slippery.

Five members of the police force participated in the intervention. Marbella Fire Brigadewho went to the place after receiving a notice around 5:00 p.m. warning of the event.

The rescue was carried out with agility, as it is an area that has registered several incidents and is easily accessible because it is highly divided into sectors. Firefighters reached the victim, who was showing signs of hypothermia and had one shoulder and clavicle dislocationand they transferred her on a stretcher with a flotation system to a less abrupt point where relatives of the young man were waiting, who required assistance at a health center.

Rescue of a woman in Igualeja

The last rescue reported by the Civil Guard in the province of Malaga took place in Igualeja, on May 19. The victim was a woman, a neighbor of the town of Villamartín, belonging to the province of Cádiz, who got lost in a stony area that was difficult to access. after suffering a traffic accident.

When officers arrived at the scene they found a burning vehicle, but no occupants inside or in its immediate vicinity. An eyewitness told the agents that, after the accident, he saw an apparently uninjured woman get out of the vehicle and that she walked across fields towards a forest area, ignoring the calls he made to her.

The morning of the following day, as a result of the device carried out, the woman was located about 200 meters from the accident area with obvious symptoms of dehydration, hypothermia and with wounds of diverse consideration in head and extremities. Due to the poor conditions of the land, several civil guards had to carry out the evacuation of the woman to an area where the health personnel were waiting, who later transferred her to a hospital center to be evaluated in depth.

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