Everything was prepared in the select nightclub Opium Beach Marbella to receive Black Coffee, the deejaySouth African producer and singer who has several million followers on Instagram. Characteristic for always carrying his left hand in his pants pocket, since he suffered an accident that left his arm immobile, he got a full house. An assistant makes sure “everything was full, there were a lot of people”.

She remembers that the night began with her friends “at the top of the premises”, a place where everything would explode a short time later. Although, note that they did not like the environment and they decided to go down to the reserved ones located just in front.

At 00:00 hours, Black Coffee came out on stage and began their performance. “We were having a good time, dancing … Everything was going normally,” he says. Although, just an hour later the party was cut short. “There was a group just to the left of the deejay. I saw how one of them took off his shirt and pulled out a gun,” he recounts. “If we hadn’t changed places, he could have shot us too”the Mint.

“It was horrible, really,” he says. The next thing this witness – who does not want to give her name – remembers is to bend down. “I told my friends to do it too and we didn’t get up until we saw that the security took it,” she explains. At that moment, they ran to the beach. Many other people, incredulous and seized with fear, also did so in an avalanche; while others remained in the compound trying to help those who were injured by the firearm.

Total, four people were injured by bullets: two have been discharged this Monday, since their condition was not serious, and the other two remain in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) awaiting their evolution.

The alleged perpetrator of the shooting was also injured by a knife. Apparently, before he fired, had an argument with another customer, who stabbed him several times in different parts of his body. It was then that the detainee took out his weapon – which was hidden – and began to shoot, according to police sources.

Although the police investigation is still open, it is believed that the injured were affected by stray bullets. At the moment, a second person is detained who could be an accomplice of the one already arrested. Police are trying to locate the alleged perpetrator of the stabbing.

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