The Botanical-Orchid Park of Estepona hosts the flowering of the orchid ‘stanhopea oculata’a unique species that is characterized by its beauty and emit an intense white chocolate fragrancewhose effort to give off such a characteristic odor shortens the duration of its blooms, which do not usually exceed three days, as reported by the City Council this Friday.

is the first time that this species blooms in the Estepona Orchid Gardentherefore, it is a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty and spectacularity of this specimen, since the difficulty of flowering of this species lies in obtaining a favorable habitat for it to flourish. Its habitat extends from Mexico, throughout Central America, to Colombia and Venezuela.

The curator of the Botanical-Orchid Park, Manuel Lucas, explained that although this species is not the largest within this genus, its flowers are particularly slender and elegant. In this way, he has indicated that they present “a Quite variable coloration that can range from ivory white to beige, dotted with small dark red circles and specks, the labellum is orange-yellow, very intense, with two dark spots on either side, hence its epithet concealed”.

It’s one more reason to make a Visit to the Estepona Orchid Garden, considered one of the most important in Europe due to the number and quality of the species it contains. has become a powerful focus of attraction for visitors and tourists interested in botany and the uniqueness of its species, being one of the most visited attractions in the city.

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