The period of high risk of forest fires in Andalusia, which expired today Friday, October 15, has been extended until day 31 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development. The high temperatures that are still registered and the absence of precipitation, prevent the risk of fires in forest areas from being reduced, which under normal circumstances usually occurs in mid-October.

Among the measures that will be maintained until the end of the month are the prohibition of the use of fire and the motor vehicle circulation in forest areas and areas of forest influence; that is to say, in those lands located in a strip of 400 meters around these zones. They are also agricultural burning and barbecues are prohibited, even in recreational areas.

Exceptions include food preparation in children’s camps and the use of distillation boilers, coal ovens and piconeo. Likewise, barbecues in tourist accommodation establishments and in rural restaurants that, in both cases, are previously authorized for it.

Regarding the transit of motor vehicles, among the few cases considered as exceptional are, for example, the use of rights of way, emergency or fire fighting services and authorized ecotourism activities.

During this high-risk period, the INFOCA plan fighting forest fires in the autonomous community.

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