The number of unemployed registered in the offices of the public employment services (former INEM) in Andalusia has increased by 9,955 people during August, which implies a rise of 1.31%, which places the total number of those registered in 772,494 public employment services, according to data provided this Friday by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy.

With this figure, Andalusia is the community with the highest increase in unemployment in absolute terms during August, followed by Catalonia (9,554), and taking into account that only four communities have registered decreases in unemployment during this month.

In year-on-year terms, unemployment fell by 23,900 people in the eighth month of 2022 in Andalusia, which represents a drop of 3% compared to the same month of the previous year.

At the national level, the number of unemployed registered in the offices of the public employment services (former Inem) increased by 40,428 people in August, 1.4% more than in July and is once again above 2.9 million of unemployed, specifically in the 2,924,240 unemployed.

The portfolio led by Yolanda Díaz points out that it is “a much smoother increase than in recent years prior to the pandemic and that, in addition, it also affects the activities that usually suffer this increase in August.”

Compared to the data for August 2021, unemployment has been reduced by 409,675 people, 12.29%.

Analyzed by sectors, it can be seen that the service sector has driven the increase in unemployment in Andalusia, with 10,231 more unemployed people, an increase that is also recorded in construction, with 2,038 more unemployed people, and in industry, which adds up to 1,167. By contrast, agriculture registers 4,846 fewer unemployed. Meanwhile, the group without previous employment increased by 1,365 people.

By sex, of the 772,494 unemployed registered last month in Andalusia, most were women, with 461,499 unemployed, while 310,995 were men.

In August, unemployment fell slightly in the province of Huelva, where it fell by 1,479 people. On the contrary, the greatest increases in unemployment occurred in Seville (3,186), Cádiz (2,148), Málaga (1,562), Córdoba (1,479), Granada (1,405), Jaén (901) and Almería (753).

Already in year-on-year terms, unemployment has fallen in all Andalusian provinces, specifically, in Malaga (9,799, -6.70%); Seville (4,447, -2.32%), Cádiz (2,696, -1.92%); Huelva (2,440, -4.95%); Cordoba (1,607, -2.27%); Jaen (1,130, -2.21%); Granada (1,071, -1.29%) and Almería (7,107, -1.10%).

Registered unemployment among foreigners fell in August in Andalusia by 2,071 unemployed (3.22%) compared to the previous month, until the total number of unemployed immigrants stood at 62,220 –of these 21,822 from EU countries and 40,398 from the rest–, with a decrease of 1,133 unemployed in the last year (-1.79%).

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