The complaints after the appearance of Juanma Moreno last afternoon they were not long in coming. The federation ‘Andalusia from Evening‘, which brings together different nightclubs and nightclubs, has labeled as “insufficient” the new expansion of the opening of its businesses until midnight. 15:30 hours and has demanded the Junta de Andalucía that the schedule is fully recovered due to the “good progress of vaccination in young people”.

Speaking to Europa Press, the vice president of ‘Andalucía de Noche’, Juan Rambla, has added that nightlife is the only sector that currently maintains a “significant restriction of hours.”

“While the hoteliers have long hours or the ‘pubs’ have only lost one hour of opening, we still lack four hours, in which we could open in pre-ndemic times,” he emphasizes.

Rambla, asserts that nightlife «reduces »health problemsd that «appear in the streets», because of bottles or lack of safety distance.

The president of the association has not hesitated to point out that the good progress of vaccination in its target audience, “with rates above the 80%«, It must, allow the extension of the opening hours,« any increase that we have in hours is welcome, but we must bear in mind that the incidence of Covid is something that will always exist because not the entire population is willing to be vaccinated » aim.

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