Andrea Bocelli will return this Monday to the Starlite Catalana Occidente festival in the Malaga municipality of Marbella to give a brilliant show, after its overwhelming success in the 2015 and 2017 editions.

Bocelli, who was born in 1958 in the Italian Tuscany, released his debut album, ‘Il mare calmo della sera’, in 1994, after participating in the Sanremo Festival, and his fame came two years later with the second album, whose theme ‘Con te parteò’ reached the top of the music charts across Europeand was number one in France for six weeks and in Belgium for 12.

In 1997 he gave his first recitals of Opera, performing duets and arias such as ‘Madame Butterfly’, the year in which she also won a Bambi Award. In addition, he has performed for important figures, such as Pope Francis, John Paul II or the president of China, Xi Jinping, in addition to having toured the continents of Europe, Asia or America and having performed on the most prestigious stages in the world. , like the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.

In this way, those attending the concert in Marbella will be able to enjoy a magical event, where the amazing and unique voice of the Italian “will make a perfect tandem with the acoustics of the Auditoriumturning the night into an unforgettable evening”, they have indicated from the organization of the musical event.

Bocelli, who He has been nominated five times for the Grammy Awards.will thus return to the boutique festival this Monday, August 15, and will continue its international tour visiting cities in Poland, Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Slovenia, among other countries.

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