Angeles Muñoz has been re-elected unanimously President of the PP of Marbella in the XIV congress that this Sunday has held the training at the Adolfo Suárez Palace of Fairs and Congresses and that has had the presence of the presidents of the Andalusian and Galician PP, Juanma Moreno and Alberto Núñez Feijoó, respectively, and that of the PP of Malaga, Elijah Bendodo.

Muñoz, who has run for reelection after obtaining 2,424 endorsements, has stressed that he assumes “the challenge, the commitment to work as one more affiliate with the firm conviction that we are going to win again the municipal elections scheduled for 2023.

“We are going to do it as we always do, as we know how to achieve it, street to street, neighborhood to neighborhood, neighbor to neighbor, listening to everyone and being where you have to be, there, outside, on the street “, he pointed out.

He added that “we carry 15 years in the government, when we were given the responsibility in those difficult moments of working for Marbella“” And we have. A great team with an exciting, serious and rigorous project achieved it. That project continues to advance. When the PP governs, Marbella and San Pedro do well. When we govern, they do well, we govern where we govern, “he added.

In this sense, it has indicated that the central government of the PP “changed laws so that Marbella could recover the money they had taken from here“.” We did it with the division of a debt that had left us more than 500 million euros. We were able to do it thanks to a law for Marbella that allowed us to breathe “, he pointed out.

“We did it when, by the PP Government, the burial was unblocked, which, like the Hospital Costa del Sol, blocked the socialist government “Muñoz pointed out, while pointing out that “the only thing Zapatero offered to this city was to raise taxes or lay off workers.”

“And Sánchez is not doing well either for Marbella or the rest of Spain. With Sánchez, nothing else is going well for him but himself,” said Muñoz, who has described as “occurrence” the housing law that taxes “a sector as important as tourism because, for us, second homes are essential. “

He has pointed out that Juanma Moreno “has been the first to, from the Junta de Andalucía, it has opted for Marbella and San Pedro “. “The first thing he did as president was to liberalize and make public and free the parking lot of the Costa del Sol Hospital that the Socialists had privatized,” he explained, while indicating that “thanks to Juanma Moreno today we have the machines in that hospital after 12 years “of blocking the expansion works, which will mean” the largest public investment of an administration in our city and which will have more specialties and better services. “

Muñoz has highlighted the agreement with the Board to build in a legislature three health centers in the municipal term, two institutes, a Palace of Justice or improvements in the roads that connect Marbella with the Malaga municipalities of Istán or Ojén. “Juanma you have earned the respect, affection and credibility of Marbella for you and for what you do,” he pointed out.

In the City Council, Muñoz has indicated that, during the years of the PP government, “we have done it rigorously, we have maintained balanced public accounts, although we have had to pay 420 million euros of previous debts and we have the lowest tax burden of all cities with the same number of inhabitants as ours. “

“In the midst of a pandemic, there has been a government at the helm of this city that has governed for the people and that has cared for the most vulnerable. During the pandemic, this City Council has made the greatest social commitment that has never been made by tripling the aid. We also directly help our SMEs, self-employed in the transport sector and we were able to guarantee the functioning of the city through public services, “he said.

“Marbella is the goose that lays the golden eggs”

Nunez Feijoó has praised the work of Moreno and Muñoz at the head of their respective institutions and has defended the work of the PP in the governments of different parts of the country.

For his part, Moreno, in addition to listing the work carried out in Marbella these years and thank Muñoz for his “insistence” on the pending infrastructures in this Malaga city, he has wondered why the PSOE “has never believed in Marbella”.

“Marbella is the goose that lays golden eggs. It has generated economic activity, employment, resources, well-being, future, prestige. Why not give it back? It is a reference, it is a city that is an international icon and we have built it together “, he defended.

In this sense, he has continued to question why the socialists “have not taken care of her, they have not pampered herThey have not protected it “but” they have ignored it in a historical way.

“I have even asked some of them, and I want to say that I believe in Marbella, which is to believe in Andalusia, in Spain and with this new administration that you have something clear, Marbella will be in the very first line of the institutional agenda of the Board of Andalusia “.

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