Antonio Banderas and Emilio Aragón presented this Monday the updated version of ‘Godspell’, which will premiere at the Soho Caixabank Theater on November 3. The man from Malaga has referred to musical comedy as a work that deals with “universal principles that do not belong only to one religion, but to many religions and to a way of thinking that goes beyond beliefs.”

Thus, they have attended the journalists together with the cast and the technical team that have made the work possible. After having adapted ‘A Chorus Line’ and ‘Company’, Banderas’s intention is to continue «going through those musical theater titles that are going to give us in some way the polyhedron of what that type of theater has meant».

He has also assured that “there are things that we are not going to give up, and one of the things that we do not give up is to start writing our own musicals, in fact we are already working on it, musicals that arise from here.” For its part, ‘Godspell’ “comes to fill in those pieces that we are placing so that the public understands what we are doing.”

The man from Malaga has explained that he discovered the work in the 70s and how shocked he was, to the point that it was what made him see “that perhaps there was something for me on the other side” of the stage, for which he has assured ” I am an actor thanks to musical theater. In addition, ‘Godspell’ was the first musical work that Aragón saw after arriving in Spain from Argentina, represented by his sister Rita de él.

Thus, Banderas has stressed that ‘Godspell’ “is energy” and that it can attract people “from emotion”, since “we have a very familiar work in our hands”. For Aragón, “if this work speaks of something, it is of love”.

On how they have carried out the adaptation, Aragón explained that it has been “updated” and that it has “elements of the situation we are experiencing now.” In this regard, he has added that “you can tell a parable in 1,001 ways”, understanding the work as “a mixed bag” that they have tried to “open, stir and bring out the best in all of us”.

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