The Estepona City Council informs that next Thursday, September 2, at 6:00 p.m., the presentation of the latest book by the Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Malaga, Antonio Nadal Sánchez, “Considering: Abandonment and dishonor in the loss of Malaga, 1937”, published by Plumágica.

This book that delves into, with historical rigor, the events that occurred in Malaga in February 1937, in the context of the Spanish Civil War, when the abandonment and end of the republican period in the city of Malaga occurred, and culminating in the exit by the road from Almería, it has an extraordinary scale in the local, national and international dynamics of the Spanish Civil War. Therefore, its content is a reference in matters of special historical significance.

The Democratic Memory Law has raised an unusual interest in knowing everything that has to do with the Second Republic, the Civil War and the Franco regime, in the academic and research fields -which is the nature of this work-.

Synopsis: Largo Caballero claims to be responsible for the loss of Malaga. He himself assumes the historical judgment and the sentence for failure and defeat: (the orders) were carried out and if there had been any negligence, it would not be theirs, but mine … I said that in any case the process should be initiated against me and not against my subordinates “…” it was shown that they had not done more than carry out my orders, because I was the one who ordered the shipment of material to all fronts “(…).

Indalecio Prieto, in agreement with the Basque Government, determined the “departure” of the Republican Fleet leaving El Estrecho and the port of Malaga, for the Northern Campaign. Malaga lost, with it, its last chance of defense.

Antonio Nadal Sánchez (El Fargue, Granada, 1949) is Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Malaga, practiced for almost four decades as a teacher and researcher at the same, and has written successful books on the Civil War in Malaga.

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