The National Police has arrested four men in Marbella as alleged perpetrators of a crime of illegal possession of weapons. The agents of the town of Marbella located, at a police checkpoint, an ammunition weapon inside his vehicle.

In the search of the car, the responders also located an expandable bumper and a frequency jammer. In addition, one of the detainees, who identified himself with false documentation, turned out to be the alleged perpetrator of the stab wounds to a man in Estepona, last September.

The events that led to the arrests occurred around 10:00 p.m. on December 27, in Marbella. Agents of the Prevention and Reaction Group of the Local Police Station of that town identified three people during a control, as reported by the National Police in a statement.

After finishing this performance the policemen observed how they performed a strange maneuver, going to a different place than the one they had indicated, where a fourth person was waiting for them, next to a parked vehicle.

When the agents approached the place again, they observed how one of the men threw some keys into some bushes, which turned out to be the keys. keys of the car they intended to access.

In the inspection of the vehicle, the members of the UPR they found an ammunition weapon, seven cartridges, an extensible defense and a radiofrequency inhibitor, proceeding immediately to the arrest of all of them as presumed responsible for a crime of illegal possession of weapons.

Thus, already in police offices it was possible to verify that one of those arrested was carrying false documentation and that, with his true identity, he would be immersed in an investigation by the National Police in Estepona, for his alleged participation in a crime of attempted murder.

These events would have occurred in the month of September, specifically, on the 16th, in the town of Estepona. The victim would have received several stab wounds by an acquaintance with whom he had had an argument, causing serious injury in the brachial artery, in the left hemithorax and in the anterior aspect of the left thigh.

After the intervention of the agents of the Local Citizen Security Brigade who carried out an initial assistance to the victim and the health services that attended the scene, this person was able to be transferred to a health center, where he was successfully treated for injuries sustained.

The alleged aggressor would have quickly left the scene of the events, starting a police investigation by the UDEV-Personas Group. The police investigations were fruitful and the author was fully identified.

Despite the fact that the investigated tried to evade the action of justice, he was finally arrested in the town of Marbella. After being brought to justice, his death was decreed. admission to prison.

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