The National Police has carried out an operation, within the framework of an investigation for a crime of attempted homicide, in which they have resulted three men arrested as alleged perpetrators.

The events would have occurred in Puerto Banusin marbellawhen those involved gave a beating a woman who was accused of having stolen a watch. Two of the assailants hit, kicked and punched the victim, causing him to lose consciousness.

One of them was arrested on the spot. by the acting police officers and the other two fled the scene in a car. The rapid action of the health services prevented the death of the victim who received assistance and she was transferred to the hospital due to the serious injuries she presented, the National Police said in a statement.

The events took place on September 16, 2021, in the Puerto Banús area, when several National Police officers went to Calle Comercio where several people were brutally beating a woman.

Upon arrival, the agents rescued an unconscious person on the ground, immediately notifying the health services. According to the first investigations carried out in situ, the alleged perpetrators would have fled the place. Two of them managed to escape in a vehicle, while the third was eventually arrested nearby.

After the rapid action of the health services, the The woman managed to save her life, she had serious injuries and fractures. She had to be transferred to a hospital center where she underwent surgery on several occasions.

With the information collected, the agents of the Marbella Local Police Station in charge of the investigation managed to identify the others two alleged perpetrators fled, one of them would have left Spain and the other would have hidden in the Malaga town of Estepona.

Finally, the Agents managed to locate and arrest both. One of them when he returned to Spain and was preparing to enter the national territory on a flight from the United Kingdom, where he had hidden all these months. The last of those arrested in Estepona, a town where he was hiding.

Both were arrested as alleged perpetrators of a crime of attempted murder. On the hidden man in Estepona, there was also a European arrest and delivery order issued by the judicial authorities of the United Kingdom for a crime of ammunition, components, firearms, explosives for which he had a four-year prison sentence. of freedom.

Once received by the judicial authority two of the detainees entered prison and the third of them was released with charges.

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