After eleven o’clock at night, in repeated calls the man requested the presence of emergency and police services, ensuring having stabbed his sister, something that was found to it was a lie. For this reason, the National Police has detained him as allegedly responsible for a crime of public disorder.

The events took place on January 9 in Estepona. The 61-year-old man called 911 saying he had stabbed his sister, when it was not true. When the agents arrived at the indicated place, the individual He confessed that he could not access the home that he shared with his sister and that he had lied at his request.

The agents verified that the alleged victim did not have any injuries. Supposedly, problems with the distribution of an inheritance seem to be the origin of the events, as indicated by the National Police.

Finally, the male was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of public disorder, by simulating a dangerous situation that caused the mobilization of the police and assistance services. The Investigative Court number 1 of Estepona understands the facts.

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