The driver of a passenger car has been arrested for drive without a license heyinitiate an intense police chase between Mijas and Torremolinos when the agents stopped him, sources from the Mijas Local Police have informed this newspaper.

It happened last week, agents from the Neighborhood Unit were carrying out a surveillance service in the area of ​​Las Lagunas (Mijas) when they observed how a driver carried out a illegal maneuver, so they proceeded to stop him with the police vehicle. However, he ignored it and continued driving at high speed through the streets of the urban center, putting both other vehicles and pedestrians in particular danger.

After several minutes of pursuit and to avoid being intercepted by the agents, the driver accessed the A-7 motorway towards Málaga to continue fleeing at high speed, generating a serious risk to its vehicles. Agents from the plainclothes (SIMA) and intervention (Charlie) units joined the chase.

During the follow-up, the agents contacted the Security Forces and Bodies of the coastal municipalities to report what had happened, and the vehicle was finally intercepted in Torremolinos with the collaboration of the Traffic Civil Guard.

Once the driver was identified, the agents verified that did not have a driving licensefor which they informed him that he was going to be arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of Serious Disobedience, and two other crimes against Road Safety (Lack of Driving License and Driving with Manifest Recklessness), instructing the agents criminal proceedings against him , being transferred to the Civil Guard facilities for subsequent judicial disposition.

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